the crusade of a former general against Netanyahu

66-year-old Amir Haskel, a retired Israeli Air Force general, is fighting relentlessly against the Prime Minister, whose corruption he denounces. His improper arrest in front of the official residence caused a national outcry. By Marc Henry Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at the weekly meeting with his cabinet in Jerusalem on June 28, 2020. RONEN […]

Data from the Ministry of Health: There are no new infected with Coronavirus

Photo illustration: Magen David Adom Every day new reasons appear to rejoice in Israel in the midst of the Covid-19 crisis. There are days with new discoveries to fight this pandemic, others where new markets reopen and restrictions are also reduced. Since the crisis in Israel began, it is the first time that there have […]

Israel in Corona times: Hope and Prayer in the Holy Land

“It is sad to see the holy places so deserted,” says Wajeeh Nuseibeh. “Just as you cannot imagine heaven without people, you want to see people praying and lighting candles.” For 45 years, Nuseibeh has been sitting at the gate to Jerusalem’s oldest church and watching the pilgrims enter. Now they are gone. The gateway […]

Facing Pompeo, the Chinese puzzle of Netanyahu

The tarmac at Ben-Gurion airport had not seen such unrest for more than two months, when Israel closed its borders to foreigners. On Wednesday, the Hebrew state made an exception for the express visit (six hours, watch in hand) of US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to Jerusalem. Wearing a mask with the star-studded banner […]

Author of the “Death Fugue”: Paul Celan and the “Left Nibelungen”

AOn April 20, 1970, the poet Paul Celan drowned himself in the Seine. The sad anniversary of the event had been commemorated in the media in the past few days – “due”, as it was called, as far as that is possible under pandemic conditions. But who knows, maybe some had recited the “death fugue” […]

Gantz and Netanyahu agree grand coalition

According to media reports, the grand coalition envisages a rotation in the office of prime minister. Netanyahu is said to be the first to hold office for a year and a half and then to be replaced by Gantz. The controversial agreement is intended to end a standoff between Netanyahu’s right-religious block and the center-left […]

Jerusalem prays behind closed doors

The coronavirus has forced the doors of the Holy Sepulcher to be closed and Jerusalem to be emptied of pilgrims. Every neighbor of the Christian quarter of the old city who passes in front of the church that guards the tomb of Jesus, carefully lowers the mask, crosses himself with his gloved hands and continues […]

Cinema: distribution facing the confinement puzzle

On March 14, when spectators learned of the cinemas’ decree being closed until further notice, reactions from some suggested that devotees had taken the altar away. For the distributors, the shock was no less severe. There are those who had bet on maintaining the release of their film in theaters on March 11, despite the […]

Virus closes Jerusalem’s Al-Aqsa mosque

Jerusalem’s Al-Aqsa Mosque and Dome of the Rock will close their doors until further notice, religious authorities say to protect believers in Islam’s third holiest site. Prayers continue to be held in the vast open area around the two shrines and other Muslim places of worship on the sacred site known to Muslims worldwide as […]