Jordan is number one locally and maintains its global ranking

Home Universities 19 seconds ago Watan Al-Youm – With the issuance of (THE World University Ranking 2024) for this year, Jordanian University is first locally in this ranking and all international rankings, namely the QS Ranking, the Shanghai Ranking, the Times Ranking, and the Webometrics Ranking. The International Classifications Office at the University of Jordan […]

The King “doubts” Assad’s control over Syria and confirms: Parties and people within the regime in Syria are working to smuggle drugs into Jordan, and Iran is benefiting from that.

Watan Al-Youm – King Abdullah II expressed his doubt about the control of the head of the Syrian regime, Bashar al-Assad, over his country, and his responsibility for drug smuggling into Jordan. His Majesty the King’s statements came during the Middle East Global Summit in New York City, USA, yesterday, Wednesday. He said, “President Bashar […]

Despite Halland’s absence, Norway embarrasses Jordan with a hexagon

The Norway national team defeated its Jordanian counterpart (6-0) in the international friendly match that brought them together on Thursday evening at Olival Stadium in Oslo, as part of the Nashami preparations for the 2026 World Cup qualifiers and the Asian Cup finals. Norway’s hexagon, Antonio Nossa, Christopher Ager, Jurgen Strand Larsen, Fredrik Andre Bjorkan, […]

Emergency admission of a Moroccan official to a hospital in Jordan

Major accidents and crimes 3 seconds ago Watan Al-Youm: A statement issued by the Moroccan Council of Councilors, on Wednesday, stated that it was impossible for Mr. Al-Naam Mayara, Speaker of the Council of Councilors, and Speaker of the Mediterranean Parliament, to continue the parliamentary visit that was scheduled for September 6 and 7 to […]

Al-Khatib: Jordan is following up on what is happening at Al-Aqsa and is making contacts

Home Arab International 6 hours ago Watan Al-Youm: Director of the Jerusalem Endowments and Al-Aqsa Mosque Affairs Department, Azzam Al-Khatib, said on Friday that the Israeli occupation attacks on worshipers in Jerusalem violated the right of Muslims to pray in the blessed Al-Aqsa Mosque, adding in a statement that Jordan had been informed about what […]

The Association of the Muslim Brotherhood in Jordan denounces the strange calls of Muslim women and girls, sisters and daughters of Jordanians, to stop wearing the hijab

Home local news It calls on everyone to reject and renounce this strange, suspicious lawsuit that is far from our religion and customs 1 hour ago Watan Al-Youm – The Muslim Brotherhood Association denounced and denounced the strange calls from our Arab-Islamic environment for Muslim women and girls, sisters and daughters of Jordanians, to stop […]