When Tesla crashes, big tech stocks weaken… US stock market ‘shaken’

[뉴욕=이데일리 김정남 특파원] The New York stock market is down all at once. As the share price of Tesla, which announced poor performance, plummeted, the overall big tech stocks are affected, which is worsening investor sentiment. According to Market Point on the 20th (local time), as of 11:28 am on the same day, the Dow […]

A slip of the tongue of the French President | The Middle East

The stance towards Russia when it invaded Ukraine reunited NATO members on one front, speaking with one tongue. And the position on China, in its endeavor to annex Taiwan, and to create a multipolar international system, drives a wedge of division between them. So many tongues, so many interests. And he returned (Al-Shami Shami and […]

Oil stabilizes after a sudden increase in US crude inventories

the date 4/12/2023 4:15:20 AM (MENAFN- Al-Borsa News) There was little change in oil prices in early trading today, Wednesday, after data showed an unexpected increase in US crude and gasoline inventories, which offset the impact of fears of tight supplies ahead of OPEC production cuts. Brent crude fell five cents to $85.57 a […]

Maghamsi Doctrine and Renewal Obsessions | The Middle East

The call or wish made by Sheikh Saleh Al-Maghamisi from Saudi Arabia, in a televised interview, that God would create a new Islamic reformist sect through his hand, was the work of a group of people these days.Al-Maghamsi is a well-known preaching “star” on television programs, whether he is a guest or a sole speaker, […]

New measurements show we’re wrong about the universe

A new astronomical study finds that we may be completely wrong about some of the deepest parts of the universe. For years, scientists have sought to unravel the mystery of the “Hubble tension,” the difficulty in measuring how fast the universe is expanding: speeds vary in different measurements, and scientists have not been able to […]

imams children | The Middle East

One of my readings: If the last ten nights of Ramadan entered, the neighbors of the Noble Sanctuary strive hard to pray it, perform Tarawih prayers, and have many imams in it, and every odd of the last ten nights used to complete the Qur’an. When they finished it, the boy addressed them, then the […]

A ‘coherent’ radio signal gives hope for life beyond our planet

A ‘coherent’ radio signal detected [قد تكون لها دلالات] Coming from a planet outside our solar system, which indicates the possibility that it is habitable. The indication is that the planet has its own magnetic field, a factor that is believed to be essential to sustaining life within any given world. On Earth, the magnetic […]