US army helicopters over Barendrecht in the coming weeks –

BARENDRECHT – Above Barendrecht have been since yesterday (Wednesday July 1, 2020) regularly hear and see military (combat) helicopters. These are groups of helicopters from an American helicopter brigade that are brought back to their home base in the state of Georgia via the port of Rotterdam. The 77 helicopters will fly in groups from […]

Terrifying realization – she and Prince Harry will … –

Meghan Markle: Terrifying Insight – She and Prince Harry Will … on 01.07.2020 at 7:16 p.m. Meghan Markle: Is she under constant surveillance? Photo: imago images It is not easy to belong to the royal family. Have that Meghan Markle and have to experience husband Prince Harry firsthand. The duties, the tasks, the constant public […]

This is the Note 7 Lite, the new smartphone from the Chinese brand Infinix

Junio 27, 2020 – 10:58 a. m. 2020-06-27 By: Drafting of El País Red-hot will continue to be the competition in the mobile phone equipment market in the country, with the presence of a new brand of Chinese origin, Infinix. It started operations in 2013 and our country arrived in 2017, with the intention of […]

Thank owners devastated tapas restaurant Proto for any help

The two brothers describe how they experience this nightmare. ‘After the corona crisis and the adjustments we had to make, we were finally able to open again on 1 June. In these quiet months we gave Proto a true makeover. The restaurant looked beautiful and all days were fully booked. We were looking forward to […]

Missing 7-year-old Martin taken by parents from De Hondsberg (Update Australia)

Martin Florian Den Hertog, 7 years old, is missing. The police are asking for your help! In Australia, the father asked politicians for help against the Dutch government. The Public Prosecution Service has designated the parents as suspects. Martin is missing The police are investigating the whereabouts of 7-year-old Martin Florian Den Hertog. Martin is […]

Meghan and Harry in shock: this definitely didn’t count!

The request of Meghan and Harry the trademark of their new charitable organization Archewell was rejected. According to the web site of the Daily Mail, the spouses signed the documents and paid all required fees. The paperwork, which was submitted to the 3. march the american office for patents and trademarks (USPTO), has been identified […]

Rewe: THEREFORE customers freak out! “Saudumm” – supermarket reacts tough

Rewe: THEREFORE customers freak out! “Really stupid” – supermarket reacts tough Updated: on May 16, 2020 at 10:21 a.m. Rewe: The customers are freaking out. Photo: imago images / Jan Huebner Edeka’s and Rewe freak out and criticize a product. In both supermarket chains, apple wine from the Hessian brand “Bembel with Care” is sold. […]

Edeka: Customers call for sales stop of THIS product – “Saudumm”

Edeka: Customers call for sales stop of THIS product – “This is really stupid” on 11.05.2020 at 9:10 p.m. Edeka: The discounter sells a product, the manufacturer of which has recently sparked blatant controversy. Photo: imago images / foto2press Violent criticism Edeka and Rewe! Both discounters sell apple wine from the Hessian brand “Bembel with […]

Formula 1: “Mercedes gets out – Hamilton to Ferrari!” Quake in …

Formula 1: “Mercedes gets out, Hamilton to Ferrari!” – Hammer announcement from … on 07.05.2020 at 07:31 a.m. Michael Schumacher: This is the career of the exceptional driver show description There would be a quake in the formula 1 same. Is there a bang in the motorsport premier class? A Formula One veteran, of all […]