Uzone – Yamaha motorbike sales in Kalimantan are bigger than Java? – When talking about the motorbike industry, of course many people think that a lot of sales will come from Java. However, it turns out that Kalimantan Island cannot be underestimated, because the national sales contribution actually comes more from Kalimantan. This was conveyed directly by Khusnul Faris as Yamaha Territory 8 (Kalimantan) Area […]

China Implements Ban on Apple Products for State Employees

Visitors flock to the reopening of the newly renovated Shanghai Apple Store on August 23. CFOTO/Sipa USA via Reuters Connect His banishment from all state administrations and companies caused the stock to fall by 10% in three days. «China welcomes products and services from any country as long as they comply with China’s laws and […]

Honor’s Magic V2: Can it Challenge Samsung’s Foldable Phone Monopoly in Europe?

Magic V2, the foldable smartphone from Chinese Honor measures 4.70 mm thick when unfolded. Honor The Chinese are doubling their ambitions with their Magic V2 and want to shake up the Korean monopoly in Europe. Can Honor shake up Samsung’s near-monopoly on the foldable phone in Europe? This Friday, on the occasion of the opening […]

Uzone – Suzuki Hybrid Car Spare Parts Available in All Authorized Workshops – Presence spare parts Reliability is one of the important factors in providing a sense of peace for every vehicle owner, especially in the era of advanced technology such as hybrid which are becoming increasingly popular. In an ongoing effort to provide the best service to its loyal customers, Suzuki is always committed to […]

Elon Musk Announces Plans to Remove “Block” Functionality on Social Network X

By J.T. Posted yesterday at 7:51 p.m., Updated yesterday at 8:40 p.m. Entrepreneur and billionaire Elon Musk. TINGSHU WANG / REUTERS However, this future ban will not be applied to private messages, said the boss of the social network, ex-Twitter. “That does not make any sense.” In his train of reform of the social network […]

Uzone – Operational Optimization, Bukalapak lays off employees – Again and again a storm of layoffs occurred in the technology industry, this time it was e-commerce Bukalapak’s turn to reportedly carry out a round of mass layoffs in their corporate environment. According to Tech in Asia, Wednesday (09/08), this employee cut has been carried out since the end of last July in […]

an interactive guide for doctors

Tap into the knowledge of Sermo’s community of over a million physicians and get your questions answered in just minutes We all know that the healthcare industry is changing faster than ever. With so many new treatment options emerging, many healthcare professionals feel overwhelmed or have concerns about the safety and effectiveness of these new […]