The # MostCongress21 digital tourism marketing congress reinvents itself to provide solutions to the pandemic

D. A. ALICANTE Updated:01/18/2021 19:47h save Tourism is probably the economic sector most affected by the pandemic of the coronavirusTherefore, the development of new strategies and knowledge of all the available tools can make the difference between profitability and non-survival. In this context, #MostCongress21 is committed to establishing itself as a beacon for entrepreneurs and […]

Club América: how to buy, where and how much does the new 2021 jersey cost

He America club published during this Monday morning all the information regarding its new alternative clothing kit that will be for the different competitions this year and among the data are those that most often interest most of the fans … How to buy, where and how much does the new America jersey cost in […]

Marketing: Explore How Spotify Ad Studio Works

Get the latest industry news delivered to your inbox: Subscribe Play Ad Studio, Spotify’s self-serve ad platform, is already available in Spain. This is excellent news for advertisers, since streaming audio is very popular in our country; in fact, 91% of Gen Z netizens and 78% of millennials use it. We tell you how it […]

Marketing: Today’s most outstanding Live streaming platforms

Play We talked in another Marketing Insider Review article about what the current eSports landscape is like. In this new post we are going to talk about a closely related topic, streaming platforms or live streaming platforms. The massive events that bring together eSports require powerful live streaming tools, capable of supporting the thousands of […]

Marketing: Videogames as a form of entertainment and connection

Play The video game industry stepped on the gas during the months that consumers were forced to spend more time at home due to the coronavirus pandemic. Over the past year, the sector responded to the increase in user consumption and engagement with events, virtual concerts and actions with celebrities. This growth trend that has […]

Marketing: Technologies That Will Be Essential for Marketers in 2021

Play Technology has ended up becoming the second skin of marketing, which does not lose rubble, therefore, of the latest “techies” innovations. However, it appears that real-time marketing, analytics, and artificial intelligence are the three emerging technologies that will have the most profound impact on marketers’ strategies over the next twelve months. This is clear […]

Marketing: The Canvas model, a puzzle that every company should do

Play 2020 has been a year of pause and reflection. Many people found in confinement the ideal moment to start a business, at the same time that many businesses made a stop (forced) to evaluate and rethink their business model; But what are the first steps to be taken in the development of a company? […]

Burger King Argentina announced changes in Marketing management

Get the latest industry news delivered to your inbox: Subscribe Play The new director of the area will aim to lead innovation in the market. The focus will be on ensuring compliance with the area’s strategic plan and developing new business opportunities. With the aim of leading innovation in the market, Burger King Argentina announced […]

how to use equalizer and improve music quality

Spotify has become one of the most popular and well-known digital music, video and podcast streaming services in recent years. An equalizer gives us the ability to adjust treble and bass when listening to our favorite music, either manually, frequency by frequency, or by choosing some of the already predefined profiles, as with Spotify. But […]