Freedom and ethics in consumption

Michel Foucalt does not go unnoticed by those who have heard or read him, either because they believe and admire his postulates, or because they seem dense, difficult to interpret, or because of his desire to identify multiple problems and few solutions. Michel Foucalt was a French philosopher, writer and historian, who lived between 1926 […]

Breton Player Wins Record-breaking 109 Million Euros in Euromillions

By JT Published yesterday at 7:32 p.m., Updated yesterday at 9:30 p.m. The previous record in France was 102 million euros, won by a couple from Sarthois. Pixavril / The sum pocketed on September 1 is the biggest gain recorded in 2023 in France. It’s a record. A Breton player won the sum of […]

Oil consumption is at a record high

Bloomberg 20.09.2023 • 11:33 The oil majors say they support the transition to cleaner forms of energy, but on the condition that the oil will continue to play a key role for several decades to come. In the World Petroleum Congresswhich is being held these days in Calgary, Canada, its leaders Saudi Aramco and her […]

how much to eat and the risks of excess

Meat is a food that has long been at the center of a thousand controversies: how much should we eat? Wouldn’t it be better to do without it? Is once in a while okay? The red one or the white one? In short, we don’t know precisely how to proceed, but it is now a […]

This is your body’s reaction if you drink wine every day

Surely sometime Have you heard that having a glass of wine a day can be beneficial for health. Such is the theory that our Mediterranean diet includes a glass of wine daily with the aim of strengthening our cardiovascular system. But this is not entirely true. drink a lot of winenot only causes a hangover […]

Savaşkan İskefli: Driving technique that reduces fuel consumption by 70 percent!

The country’s agenda is undoubtedly price hikes. People are trying to save on everything against high inflation. People who drive also try to reduce fuel consumption to the lowest possible level. The rising dollar exchange rate and crude oil prices have brought the liter price of gasoline close to 40 Turkish Liras these days, and […]

Blueberries: what are the contraindications for consuming them? – Health

The blueberry is one of the healthiest foods and has the highest content of vitamins and antioxidants, which is why it is considered a ‘super fruit’. In addition to their delicious flavor, they are rich in antioxidants, thanks to their combination of organic acids with anthocyanins. They contain water, protein, carbohydrates by difference, dietary fiber, […]

Bad weather Daniel: Fears of food shortages and new price hikes

Its consequences are incalculable bad weather “Daniel” in rural and livestock production of the country, as well as a very large part of it of the Thessalian plainbut also of crops in its mountain villages Magnesiahas suffered significant damage. At the same time, a large part of the livestock has been lost, which will have […]