Discounts are coming: online sales are gaining ground after the state of alarm

“The falls experienced by the retail sector during the state of alarm coupled with the distancing measures from the new normal will not only mark the modus operandi of consumers, but also that of stores,” said the comparator. Success. Thus, it is estimated that during the quarantine the retail sector has experienced falls of up […]

This is how Germany, France, Italy and the United Kingdom have faced the Covid-19

1. France approved the state of sanitary emergency The President of France, Emmanuel Macron – Reuters Juan Pedro Quiñonero | Correspondent in Paris In France, the state of health emergency It has been arranged and submitted to parliamentary debate, quickly and efficiently. Last March 18, the council of ministers approved the government projectl. Between March […]

“We have to continue so that the essential does not stop”

Unai MezcuaFOLLOW Updated:05/01/2020 17:53 save After a few first days of extreme confusion, in which the workshops doubted whether they could open or not – which motivated the Police to visit several to ask them to close – the Ministry of Transportation finally clarified that they can provide service. Always with the sole objective of […]

Roger Dubuis takes over the world of musical watches – FHH Journal

Invented at a time when turning on the night light was not as simple as pressing a switch, the minute repeater is one of the most difficult horological complications. It allows the time to be queried by means of a button activating a ringtone with low tones for the hours, high tones for the minutes […]

How dangerous are the security holes in Apple’s mail app?

Es is one of the sharpest swords that the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) can draw as the highest cyber security authority in Germany: On Thursday evening, the experts from Bonn called for the mail app installed as standard on all iPhones and iPads Clear. They put “thousands of iPhones and iPads in acute […]