Evacuation of the gas terminal. Alarm in Norway

The information about planting the bomb in the gas terminal was to be provided by an anonymous caller by phone. – There was a threatening phone call that was considered so serious that the facility was evacuated. It is clear that the situation becomes dramatic when you receive such a message – Mayor Nilssen commented […]

new iPhones automatically call emergency numbers on roller coaster

NOS News•yesterday, 19:19 The automatic accident detection of the new generation of iPhones and Apple watches also appears to work during a ride on the roller coaster. The Wall Street Journal reports about an American woman who was on a roller coaster ride, and when she got out had several missed calls from the control […]

Fire near Termini, black cloud over the center of Rome – Chronicle

n a few minutes a huge cloud of thick black smoke was released in a street next to the Termini station in Rome. A column that remained visible for almost an hour from several areas of the capital. Dozens of phone calls from citizens just 5pm stormed the operations rooms of the police. So at […]

explosions in Kharkiv – Ukraine – tsn.ua

Users on social networks reported explosions in Kharkiv. Eyewitnesses report that the explosions are very strong. Stay in cover. Recall that on August 7, 7 explosions thundered in Kharkov, and in the Vinnitsa region, “arrivals” were recorded at military facilities. Also read Russians shelled more than 10 villages and launched airstrikes – General Staff on […]

Should we be alarmed by the increase in covid infections?

BarcelonaInfections are growing and Catalonia is once again experiencing a wave of covid, the seventh in just over two years. Most of the cases are not registered because, by protocol, the tests are only carried out on people over 60 years of age and the positive tests bought in pharmacies have ceased to be counted. […]

Tick ​​alert, vaccinations at the start. The advice of the USL to avoid bites

TREVISO – Thanks to the dry winter and the anticipated heat this year tick season it has already begun. The presence of ticks is a phenomenon that should not be underestimated: although in rare cases, their bite can be a vector of bacteria and viruses capable of causing various diseases, all treatable, including Lyme disease. […]

the sector is sounding the alarm to consumers!

Published on Thursday, April 28, 2022 at 4:35 p.m. Par Sudinfo with Belga Organic laying hen breeders are sounding the alarm on Thursday: the sector is at its worst. The reason: rising food and energy prices. They call on consumers to prefer organic eggs from our country “Organic production is protected by law and governed […]