This is what it means for savers and investors

For years, this key interest rate remained at zero percent in the euro area, and it was only this year that the interest rate turnaround came. The main refinancing interest rate last rose to 1.25 percent in mid-September, and in future it will be 0.75 percentage points higher at 2 percent. Christine Lagarde: The ECB […]

ECB chief Lagarde: America’s inflation is different

Is high inflation a global phenomenon, as America’s Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell recently said? That would possibly relieve the individual countries and central banks a little, at least mentally. A joint event organized by the Atlantic Bridge and Atlantic Council organizations on Wednesday in Frankfurt therefore took a closer look at inflation on both […]

ECB rates will rise as needed until inflation drops to 2% – Interest rates

European Central Bank (ECB) President Christine Lagarde said today that interest rates will rise as much as necessary to bring inflation back to 2%. “We are sending a clear message to companies, employees and investors: inflation will return to our target value of 2% in the medium term,” said Lagarde, in an opinion piece for […]

Euribor rates rise again to 10-year highs | Housing

The effect of the more expressive than expected rise in the European Central Bank (ECB) key rates was not yet fully discounted in the interbank market, where Euribor rates are set daily. Thus, despite the rises in recent days, the rates that serve as the basis for housing loans rose again, reaching maximums of eight […]

The ECB is running ahead, the dollar could be Europe’s executioner

The European Central Bank (ECB) did what it had to do, and even exceeded expectations, which somewhat surprised the markets when it decided to raise interest rates by 50 basis points at its July meeting, and at the same time found a solution to remedy the issues arising from the development gap between the member […]