Cities warn Kretschmann of collapse in childcare – Baden-Württemberg

Heidelberg (dpa / lsw) – The municipalities have warned the state of a collapse in the expansion of day care centers and all-day care in elementary schools in view of the shortage of skilled workers and tight budgets. It is “completely unimaginable” that cities and municipalities will implement the gradual legal entitlement set by the […]

Podcast Austrian Stocks in English, Week 28: Verbund, AT&S, S Immo, voestalpine, OMV

07/17/2022, 1102 characters Hear it: Welcome to “Austrian Stocks in English – presented by Palfinger”, the new and weekly english spoken Summary for the Austrian Stock Market, positioned every Sunday in the mostly german languaged Podcast ” Christian Drastil – Wiener Börse, Sport Musik und mehr” ( Like last week we saw a comeback […]

Musk drops deal, Twitter threatens to sue

San Francisco. The turbulent Twitter takeover by Elon Musk has reached chaos level: the tech billionaire is withdrawing from the purchase, but the company wants to push the deal through in court. Musk’s lawyers justified the withdrawal on Friday with allegedly insufficient information on the number of fake accounts on the short message service. Twitter […]

Dangerous Liaisons (2022) |

content / criticism When 17-year-old Célène (Paola Locatelli) is moving from Paris to Biarritz, a coastal commune in southwest southern France, it’s a whole new world for her that she’s yet to adjust to. Especially since she is rather reserved by nature, preferring to read old books than throwing herself into party life. The romantic […]

Testimony of witness to Capitol attack shocked

Washington. With her impressive statement, a former White House employee shed new light on the Capitol attack and raised the question of the legal consequences for ex-President Donald Trump. According to Cassidy Hutchinson, Trump is said to have been aware of possible violence on January 6, 2021. He knew that the demonstrators were armed, the […]

The Perfect Boss |

content / criticism July White (Javier Bardem) has a dream: He wants to finally receive the government’s award for excellent corporate management. He deserves it, at least he is convinced of that. After all, he runs his family business for industrial scales in an exemplary manner, for him the workforce is one big family with […]

love and lies |

content / criticism Max Meyer (Vincent Cassel) been to New York. Now he’s back in Paris, where an even bigger change awaits him: he will become Muriel (Sandrine Kiberlain) marry his boss’s daughter. At least that was the plan. On the other hand, things don’t go according to plan at all when he says the […]

Jumping Jack hero from Down Under: He wanted to be a teacher

Ar-Rayyan. His message to the fans at home was brief: “We’re going to the World Cup.” A few years ago, Australia’s new football hero was as far from that as his homeland is from the rest of the world. Andrew Redmayne’s career faltered, he wanted to stop kicking and instead become a teacher, working at […]

Massive Talent |

content / criticism Once upon a time, there was Nicolas Cage (Nicholas Cage) a real star, starred in blockbusters, won an Oscar for best actor. But now there is hardly anything left of this shine. Even if the actor is still passionate about his job, he has not been offered any major or at least […]

«Oops! … I Did It Again »: Spears has remarried

The Angels. The bridal couple saying yes, kissing on a balcony and dancing guests: one day after her wedding, singer Britney Spears (40, “Baby One More Time”) posted photos of the “dream” ceremony. “We did it!!!” the pop star wrote on Instagram. The singer and her partner Sam Asghari (28) had said yes the night […]