Ukraine must return $ 5.6 billion by the end of the year

Photo: The fourth quarter of the current year accounts for the peak payments to foreign creditors Also, in the IV quarter, it is necessary to pay UAH 2.444 billion to non-residents who are holders of Ukrainian domestic government bonds. Payments on gross external debt, including the liabilities of the National Bank of Ukraine, the […]

The most powerful vitamin that protects even against superinfections has been identified

USA, Aug 22, 2020 /LIVE24/. Recently, scientists have begun to make claims about the emergence of viruses that have developed immunity against antibiotics. A recent study by specialists from the United States showed that vitamin B3 will help humanity cope with infections. Studies on laboratory mice, as well as work with donated blood samples, have […]

Pepe Snchez CABB Youth Coordinator | Confederation

Changes in the Argentine Confederation are ongoing. After an intense day where the continuity of Sergio Hernndez at the head of the senior team until the Tokyo Olympics and the approval of FIBA ​​for the change of the statute was known, now the leaders of the CABB aimed at the change and development of their […]

Condominium prices are also increasing in Corona times

Nuremberg (ots) – A comparison of the previous year of the offer prices for condominiums in old, existing and new buildings in the 14 largest German cities shows: – Apartments continue to become more expensive in the first half of 2020: up to 17 percent in old buildings (Leipzig) and 24 percent in existing buildings […]

“Upstart” from God! Bella Hadid puffed out her lips with Dior glitter

The experiment got out of hand. A world-famous model every time falls into the mud face, but that one gets away with it. The name now works for Bella. Fundamental transformations, scandals with his sister, as well as depression do not cause public disgust. The girl now allows herself everything, and even advertising without extra […]

Continental: Fewer business trips even after the crisis – Magazine | 04/25/20

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Little-known facts about Renault Logan

Even a plain-looking car has its own “skeletons in the closet.” Today Renault Logan is an integral part of the Russian car market, as well as a real star in the budget segment. Many not take the car seriously, although he has a rich history. The start of the history of Logan can be considered […]

Take to Russia! What to expect from a seven-seater Hyundai Creta?

The network got fresh spy shots of the crossover. They give more idea of ​​what size will be the new seven-seater “Creta”. So, the Korean crossover has increased in length and significantly exceeds the five-seat version, whose length is 4,300 mm. Also, the three-row Hyundai Creta looks slightly higher than the two-row version, the height […]