LADA Granta Cross – the most successful AvtoVAZ model

For complete happiness, only all-wheel drive is missing. Photo: LADA Granta Cross, source LADA Granta holds the positions of the best-selling new car in Russia, however, as noted on the Wroom resource, not all Grants are equally good. Motorists consider LADA Granta Cross to be the best version of the model and one of […]

Granell: “If we have to play every three days it can be an advantage for us”

Alex Granell telematically met with the red and white fans yesterday through talks organized by Girona every Tuesday and Friday via Instagram. The captain of Girona acknowledged that confinement is particularly difficult for him “because of not being able to follow the routine of training, racing, living with teammates, walking around the city and being […]

HBO on LADA Granta – when to put?

A gas-powered car is an advantage. But there are nuances. It is difficult to imagine something more budget-friendly from new cars than the LADA Granta. There are no cheaper options at all in the Russian market, and therefore those who want a new car for minimal money and who like the “brand-name” Ladovskiy X-face, which […]

Should the apology of totalitarianism be a crime? | Spain

In Germany, the Criminal Code condemns incitement to hate and xenophobia, and denial of the Holocaust, the defense of Nazism and the use of symbols that range from swastika display to wearing Hitler’s mustache or using Nazi salute. In Italy the apology of fascism is penalized. In the same wake, the Government announced a few […]