American makes perfect steak in the dishwasher

Meat from the washing machine – that’s possible! The American journalist Michael George shows how it’s done. The steak from the New York dishwasher. – Twitter / @MikeGeorgeCBS Ad the essentials in brief Eating out of the dishwasher – that’s possible! An American dared to experiment and put his steak in the dishwasher. The end […]

The influence marketing agency Let´s Be Influenced is responsible …

Let´s Be Influenced is a representation agency of influencers and digital strategy that is present in the world of social networks since 2018. It was founded by Maria Majon, a publicist with experience in the sector since 2007 who has made her business one of the best advertising agencies marketing of influence from Spain. Demand […]

Goalkeeper Quapp paves the way to victory

Krefeld – Augsburg 3: 1 (0: 0.3: 0.0: 1) Penguins: Quapp – Mass / Hersley, Sacher / Jensen Abo, Kulda / Tiffels, Bappert – Bracco / Lucenius / Sabolic, Lessio / Berlyov / Rutkowski, Bergström / Weiß / Braun, Niederberger / Blank / Volek. Viewers: 2574 Referee: A.Schrader (Moers), J. Rekucki (USA). Tore: 1:0 (21:34) […]

Public and sales success at the first post-pandemic Granada Book Fair

Atmosphere in an exhibitor on the last day of the 2021 Book Fair. / A. Arenas Booksellers, publishers and the public positively value the large number and variety of acts Undoubtedly, the good weather has been allied with the desire to read and live together, which together with good planning, despite the short time that […]

Index – Tech – Amazon ‘s new online role – playing game has been a huge success

New World currently has more than 662,000 players playing on Steam, and the peak so far was 758,000, a few hundred thousand behind the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive record, according to SteamDB. If all of this weren’t impressive enough, Twitchen happened to have nearly 1 million people watching game-related streams at once, which is also an […]

other movies with dangerous phone calls

Guilty (The Guilty) is one of Netflix’s cinematic plays for the end of the year. The Oscars are coming and the platform means present. In the story, Jake Gyllenhaal plays Joe Byler, a 911 call operator who must try to save a person who requires your help. The premise of Guilty is as simple as, […]