The primacy series Slunečná experienced unprecedented popularity, which even managed to overcome the endless series Ordinace v růže zahrad. However, the success of the series brings not only positive aspects, but also dark ones. For example, the main heroine Týna receives really unpleasant news from fans in real life. Even a little girl writes a […]

Coronavirus. North Korea Welcomes “Brilliant Success”

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un welcomed the “Brilliant success” obtained according to him by his country in its fight against the Covid-19, reported Friday the official agency KCNA. The North Korean leader was speaking at a meeting of the Workers’ Party devoted to the impact of the virus on Thursday, while the country has […]

When Sir Alex Ferguson Also Gives Congratulations to Liverpool

Sir Alex Ferguson (c) is Bola.net – An interesting information was revealed by Kenny Dalglish. The Liverpool legend said that Manchester United’s legendary manager Sir Alex Ferguson congratulated Liverpool on being the EPL champion this season. Liverpool’s long wait to taste the sweetness of the official Premier League trophy is treated this season. The Reds […]

China proclaims “major strategic success” against coronavirus

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang celebrated Friday “A major strategic success” in the fight led by his country against the new coronavirus, which appeared at the end of 2019 in Wuhan (center). “We, sons and daughters of the Chinese nation, have stood together during an infinitely difficult period and have erected a Great Wall of Solidarity”, […]

A power struggle is fought at Francotyp-Postalia

Frankfurt The Supervisory Board did not miss out on clear words: Due to differences regarding the implementation of the strategy, Rüdiger Günther will be replaced as CEO of Francotyp-Postalia. The chairman of the supervisory board, Klaus Röhrig, already had a successor in place. Carsten Lind will take over the position, explained Röhrig. The announcement comes […]

“Face-to-face education is irreplaceable. That resounding “| Trends

Corcuera, Sinde, Wert … When a law goes down in history by the name of its main promoter, even before it is approved, it is usually synonymous with a difficult birth. Until now, the gestation of the already baptized as Celaá law follow that same path. Promoted by Isabel Celaá (Bilbao, 1949), Minister of Education […]

Germany concerned about growing success of ‘corona protests’

Germany, Angela Merkel at the head, is taking more and more seriously the “corona demonstrations” which will again rally on Saturday across the country activists from the left, identity right or conspiracy against the remaining restrictions. ? > Follow our live from Saturday May 16 devoted to the coronavirus pandemic “There should still be several […]

La Vela school of life: managing success

RFEV Updated:05/08/2020 10: 59h save Success management is the protagonist value of the new installment of the series La Vela school of life of the Royal Spanish Sailing Federation, analyzed from the perspective of the Olympic medalist Tamara Echegoyen, who trains with Paula Barceló in 49er FX for the Olympics Tokyo 2020. Tamara Echegoyen’s long […]

How XRay Cross Instinct pleasantly surprised Russians

Is AvtoVAZ’s last hope for success? Before the Russians got used to the shortcomings of LADA XRay Cross, a domestic manufacturer released a special version called XRay Cross Instinct, which pleasantly surprised the Russians, and what exactly, experts said. First of all, they stated that until the last they had been waiting for LADA “from […]