iPhone will soon be speaking for you

the date 5/27/2023 11:18:03 PM (MENAFN- Al Watan) Artificial intelligence technologies are now appearing widely in smart phones, and it is expected that in the coming years these features will transform from mere advantages that appear in some high-spec phones to general and common features for all smart phone manufacturers, to move the world […]

They turn their back on Petro’s proposal: ELN announces pause in peace negotiations

President Gustavo Petro had proposed a territorial ceasefire with the ELN. However, in response, the criminal group assured that they would go on hiatus. Following Petro’s latest statement on the destruction of the illicit economy, ELN leader Pablo Beltrán stated that the talks in Havana are on hold: “The table is going through a pause, […]

Xuan Thanh Cement, Vicem But Son … in the “sight” of the inspector

According to the inspection plan of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, in 2023 this agency will conduct an inspection of the observance of the law on environmental protection and water resources at a number of facilities with a large volume of emissions and dust. and some medical facilities. Headquarters of the Ministry of […]

The Kremlin explosions were real. The rest is confusing, perhaps on purpose.

The only indisputable facts about Wednesday’s incident in the Kremlin are that two explosions went off at around 2:30 a.m. on Russia’s most important political and cultural symbol, and that both Moscow and Ukraine reacted with indignation. But whose outrage was real and whose was feigned? In this war, the battle over the narrative it […]

A turn in the war that no one expected: Zelensky hinted at what would happen soon

Reading time: 31 seconds It is reported URA-Inform, referring to DonPress. A statement about the surprise of the Armed Forces of Ukraine for the Russian Federation was made by the representative of the President of Ukraine in the Rada, Fyodor Venislavsky. He hinted that the scale of the success of the counter-offensive would surprise many. […]

WhatsApp: How to send a message that can only be read once?

Users want and whatsapp makes it happen. Thanks to that we have the possibility of communicating how we feel, what our favorite food is or at what moment of its cycle the moon is without having to say a single word, the emoticons will be in charge of transmitting to our interlocutor everything they want […]