Ukraine, now days away from an “all-out attack”?

The United States and NATO see an imminent invasion by Vladimir Putin’s Army. The crisis worsens. On the streets of Kiev every day there are more Ukrainian flags hoisted on the facades of buildings. The blue and yellow banner is waved in the capital that experiences a nationalism that does not stop growing in the […]

The troops with which Russia and the West show their teeth

Movements happen on all fronts. 30,000 soldiers from Russia and Belarus, allies since the end of the Soviet Union, carry out military exercises in that country, which borders Ukraine. The other 100,000 that the Kremlin had deployed on its borders since the beginning of the year remain active and the Ukrainian Armed Forces also make […]

Electromagnetic energy could be behind the mysterious “Havana syndrome”

Some kind of electromagnetic energy could be behind the strange symptoms caused by the well-known “Havana syndrome”, that dozens of US diplomats have suffered for five years in various countries around the world –such as Colombia–, a group of US experts concluded on Wednesday. That panel of experts, created by the government of Joe Biden, […]

Four U.S. Intelligence Agencies Produced Extensive Reports on Afghanistan, but All Failed to Predict Kabul’s Rapid Collapse

WASHINGTON—Leading U.S. intelligence agencies failed to predict the rapid Taliban takeover of Afghanistan prior to the final withdrawal of American troops and instead offered scattershot assessments of the staying power of the Afghan military and government, a review of wide-ranging summaries of classified material by The Wall Street Journal shows. The nearly two dozen intelligence […]

EAST EUROPE magazine | Ambivalent America

Dorothea Redepenning German version Abstract Totalitarian systems in Europe forced numerous artists into exile. The East Central European composers Bohuslav Martinů, George Enescu, and Béla Bartók went to the United States. Only there did Martinů became a composer of symphonies. His aesthetics corresponded with the main stream of American musical views. Enescu was held in […]