Vitamin D: the unexpected side effect on your mood just discovered by scientists

Vitamin D is essential for the body, and now according to research it would be able to influence our mood and mental health While many people still identify vitamin D solely with bone health, it’s important to point out that its benefits go far beyond that. Vitamin D supports the thyroid health, it is important […]

Covid: Vitória expands vaccination for 18 year olds

Vaccination continues from Sunday to Sunday at four points in the city (Courtesy PCVSA) Adolescents over the age of 18 can now register on the city’s website This Friday (26), the Department of Health and Welfare of Vitória de Santo Antão promotes a new age reduction for vaccination against Covid-19. With this expansion of the […]

Learn how to differentiate dengue, zika and chikungunya

Aedes Aegypti mosquito, transmitter of Chikungunya, dengue and Zika virus (Alexandre Carvalho / Public Photos) Although all diseases are transmitted by the adult female of the Aedes Aegypti mosquito, knowing how to differentiate them is essential to prevent serious sequelae According to one of the arboviruses bulletins issued by the State Health Department (SES-PE), Pernambuco […]

Coronavac is 71% effective against deaths

Coronavac vaccine bottle after application in Recfe (Arthur Souza/ReadJáImages/Arquivo) The research also suggests that Coronavac’s effectiveness may decline among seniors aged 80 and over – these data, however, are preliminary. Coronavac is highly effective against deaths caused by Covid-19, even among the elderly and in places where the Gamma variant (P.1) is predominant, indicates a […]

“There is only one taboo for us”

zenith: Your comedy channel has more than eleven million subscribers on YouTube. What makes “Wilayat Al-Batikh” so successful? Ali Fadel: For us, there are three criteria that count for the success of the show. The first criterion is the number of viewers: if the show continues to attract so many people, then it will be […]

7 times when members of the royal family scattered a photo

The royal family is subject to very strict rules, II. And Queen Elizabeth will do anything to keep these with her relatives. However, there are fun moments that happen spontaneously, so then photographers sometimes capture funny scenes. Look what the members of the royal family are like when you are willing or unwilling they scatter […]