The duels between Argentina and Chile they always generate endless reactions on social networks. A confrontation that their fans also dispute on Twitter and that, in most cases, brings out the worst in both fans.

This is the case of the fans of the Argentine National Team, who have already focused their fury on a footballer from ‘La Roja’; Gary Medel.

In addition to filling him with insults as soon as the judge whistled the start of the match, after Nicolás Tagliafico’s stomp on the ‘Pitbull’, the trans-Andean fanatic again showed his worst face against the former Boca Juniors with insults, xenophobic comments and disqualifying adjectives.

Through Twitter, the ‘Albiceleste’ users applauded a strong infraction that went without penalty (they only whistled a foul in attack).

However, as if he had read the tweets, Medel was key in the momentary draw of the Chilean National Team after assisting Alexis Sánchez.