Montval-sur-Loir. New hospital emergency closures from January 15

The Montval-sur-Loir hospital center, in Sarthe, is once again faced with a problem of continuity and permanence of care. Despite the efforts developed by the establishment with the support of the Regional Health Agency (ARS) and within the hospital grouping of the territory to remedy this difficulty, an appropriate organization must be put in place. […]

Beware of closing the annual accounts for the 2020 financial year | Legal

After this fateful year 2020 is over, Spanish companies are now facing the close of the financial year. They prepare their annual accounts and calculate their Corporate Tax (IS). This year-end will be complicated by the exceptional circumstances caused by the pandemic, let’s look at some critical points. Regarding amortizations, during the confinement, many companies […]

Four lanes of Interoceanic Avenue remain closed due to the fall of two posts

value Description Outraged 0 Sad 0 Indifferent 0 Surprised 0 Happy 0 Editorial staff Four lanes on the Interoceanic avenue, at the height of Miravalle 4, in the east of Quito, were closed the night of this Monday, January 4, 2021, due to the drop of two posts. ECU 911 reported on its Twitter […]

The Valencian Institute of Finance finalizes two funds to save companies from closure

The health crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic will give way in the coming months to a real economic crisis. As the situation can improve throughout 2021 thanks to the vaccine, measures such as the Temporary Employment Regulation File (ERTE) will decline and companies will have to face the new panorama. In such a complicated […]

Two-color ball pie award ends! 20th issue gives 221 first prizes_ 东方

Original title: Two-color Ball Pie Award ends! 221 first prizes for 20 issues Last night, the 2020 Shuangseqiu 1.2 billion yuan award event came to an end. Since the opening of Shuangseqiu 2020111 on November 8th, after 20 issues, what kind of answer sheet has been submitted for the Shuangseqiu Grand Prize this year?   First […]

Border closure in Colombia remains until January 16, 2021

November 30, 2020 – 12:45 pm 2020-11-30 By: Colprensa Due to the situation of the coronavirus pandemic in the country, the National Government extended the closure of land and river borders until next January 16 at 0:00 a.m., through Decree 1550. In this way, the mobility restriction will be maintained between Panama, Ecuador, Peru, Brazil […]