First and second grade patients

The pandemic has shown us the excruciating reality that we live as a country in terms of health, warns Dr. Andrés Castañeda Prado. With updated figures, the specialist shows that the highest incidence of patients dying from covid occurs in public hospitals, in some of which there are even first and second beds for the […]

Planetarium Alfa will close its doors on September 4

The Alfa Planetarium, the iconic museum of San Pedro Garza García for 42 years, will close its doors permanently tomorrow. The rumors of closure for the center for the dissemination of science and technology were confirmed by the same institution late at night, through its news blog on the portal The statement explains that […]

Digital Health for All – Process

We embrace technology because it allows us to do things better and easier, faster and cheaper. To be more productive and have more free time to do other activities. Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) do not appear as a priority in the Health Sector Program 2020-2024 of the Fourth Transformation, because it does not contemplate […]

Vondráčková escapes into the virtual world: Depression and fear?

Having a romantic soul is not a big win in today’s world. The singer and actress probably hoped for a marriage for life, but unfortunately it ended relatively soon. According to the website, Lucie has probably become hardened against love, she definitely doesn’t think it lasts forever. Shocking confession of Lucie Vondráčková: The third […]

Curfew in Miami-Dade, businesses close

Starting Friday, July 3, Miami-Dade County will have a curfew from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m., Mayor Carlos Giménez announced in a statement Thursday. He also announced that the county would close entertainment businesses including movie theaters, game rooms, and casinos. “This is one of several actions I am taking to stop this COVID-19 spike […]

Professional certificates: What for? – News Portal Process

MEXICO CITY (apro) .- The media campaign against colleague and fellow page John Ackerman has put the issue of professional certificates on the agenda for public discussion. There is more confusion than certainties about this legal figure, even in the legal community, which is why it is worth clarifying its essential aspects. Let’s see. First. […]

Stores close in Plaza Las Américas and Plaza del Caribe | Economy

The management of Plaza Las Américas and Plaza del Caribe, reported today on some stores that will cease operations effective today. In the case of Plaza Las Américas, the following stores closed their doors: Bose, Magritte Chocolatier, Atypical Living and Microsoft. In January, Bose had reported the closure of its 119 stores in North America, […]