The second OUTRIDERS Broadcast will be broadcast next week

6/26/20 22:21 PM Sil Hendriks | PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One | 0 comments OUTRIDERS Broadcast, the web series that teaches us more about Square Enix’s upcoming game, will air its second episode next week. We were just allowed to hear this by means of a press release. In Episode 2, titled Beyond the Frontier, […]

Turkish mosques broadcast… the song of Italian revolt “Bella Ciao” ​​(video)

Posted on Thursday, May 21, 2020 at 10:10 p.m. By Sudinfo with AFP Turkish authorities launched an investigation on Thursday after unidentified people hacked the call-to-prayer system in Izmir to broadcast the song of Italian revolt “Bella Ciao” from the minarets of several mosques in this western city of Turkey. The anti-fascist anthem was broadcast […]

Instagram instead of television: the future of sales shows

Dusseldorf The door to the virtual bar by Torben Paradiek and Sebastian Otto kept swinging open and closed: even before restaurants were allowed to open again and the young entrepreneurs from the distillery in Hanover were allowed to sell again, they invited guests to a digital tasting on Instagram. The fans of the two had […]

Netflix documentary consolidates Michael Jordan’s legendary status

Dusseldorf For sports fans it is a gift from the gods. The stadiums in the USA have been empty for months. Countless experts, who otherwise talk to each other for hours on radio and television every day, have no topic. In the middle of this silence, the US sports broadcaster ESPN broadcasts a documentary about […]

Disney’s streaming boss takes the lead at TikTok

Disney’s streaming boss Kevin Mayer Kevin Mayer switches to the Chinese video platform TikTok. (Photo: AP) los Angeles Disney’s streaming boss Kevin Mayer, who was recently skipped when the top job was filled, is switching to the Chinese video platform TikTok. Mayer becomes head of TikTok and is also supposed to lead the operational business […]

This is what football feels like in an empty stadium

Dusseldorf The center circle looks like always. “With full energy there” is to be read on the cover before the game, sponsor Stadtwerke Düsseldorf has booked for the season. Henkel, for example, advertises: “Our city, our colors, our club.” But otherwise? Saturday, 3:30 p.m., Bundesliga time: The ball rolls again despite Corona. The local Fortuna […]

KKR joins the TV station group Pro Sieben Sat 1

Per seven sat 1 The US investor KKR joins the TV group. (Photo: dpa) Berlin The US investor KKR is back in the German television group Pro Sieben Sat 1 and holds a good five percent. The holding company holds 3.21 percent of the voting rights and two further percent indirectly through financial instruments, as […]

The day off will end in Russia :: Society :: RBC

Photo: Konstantin Kokoshkin / Global Look Press Russian President Vladimir Putin decided to end the period of non-working days in the country. He said this at a meeting with the government, broadcast by RBC. “From May 12, the single non-working day for all industries ends. But the fight against the epidemic does not end, ”Putin […]

Liberty boss John Malone: ​​The restless dealmaker

Dusseldorf He combed the white hair to the side parting, he holds his hands folded in his lap. “We were always looking for good opportunities,” said John Malone in an interview with CNBC. His body language looks like that of a shy school boy. One of Malone’s hallmarks is to be very withdrawn in his […]