Prices are rising, but packages are shrinking

The people interviewed by the Estonian newspaper “Postimees” unanimously confirmed: the prices in stores have clearly increased. And very often prices are increased without the consumer noticing it at all. For example, one of the interviewees told about his last visit to the store: two cheeses from the same manufacturer were placed next to each […]

Low-calorie sweeteners may not be as healthy as we thought

Artificial sweeteners, from mice to humans For more than a decade, Eran Elinav has been interested in discovering the links between nutrition, gut microbes and the risk of developing common diseases such as obesity and diabetes, in hopes of developing a personalized microbiome-based medicine. In 2014, Eran Elinav and his colleagues found that saccharin, sucralose, […]

Inflation revised down: 8.9% | prices

The inflation rate dropped to 8.9% in August, below the 9% initially estimated by the National Statistics Institute (INE) and the value recorded in July, when the year-on-year change in prices reached 9.1%. Data released this Monday by the INE show that “the year-on-year change in the Consumer Price Index (CPI) was 8.9% in August […]

“Kamakura-dono no thirteen” The unexpected real face of Emperor Gotoba, the biggest wall of the Hojo clan who fought in the Jokyu War. Lands related to “Kamakura-dono” (19th) | JBpress autograph

Text = Eagle Bridge Shinobi Jonangu pine tree Photo: Afro Enthronement without the Three Sacred Treasures In the Taiga drama “Kamakura-dono no 13nin” as well, towards the climax of the Jokyu Rebellion, the other main character of the Rebellion, Matsuya Onoe played by Retired Emperor Gotoba (Emperor Gotoba), has […]

Research shows that growing food on Mars could be possible

An experiment devised by a 19-year-old girl who was in her sophomore year of high school when she began her research on the development of food systems on Mars shows that it may be possible to grow food in the red planet’s nutrient-poor soil. Pooja Kasiviswanathan built her research over three years, finishing it during […]

Vitamin that converts food into energy: B1! prof. Dr. Written by Berrin Pehlivan

31.07.2022 09:16 News Source: Milliyet Increases energy production: Vitamin B1 accelerates enzymatic reactions that convert sugar into energy. It has an antidepressant effect: It stabilizes the mood, reduces restlessness and anxiety. It has an effect on sugar metabolism: If you have diabetes, you should consume more vitamin B1. Studies show that when vitamin B1 supplements […]

Ultra-processed foods are linked to increased risk of dementia, study says

+ Chocolate is one of the unhealthy over-processed foods (Photo: Pixabay) eat large amounts of ultra-processed foods, such as soda, chocolate, snack foods and canned goods, can increase the risk of dementia. This is the conclusion of a study carried out in Chinawhose results were recently published in the scientific journal Neurology. According to The […]