When is Campazzo playing for the Denver Nuggets again?

After the mini preseason, where he gave indications of his skills (to the point of quickly winning the spiderman nickname), there were barely 11 official minutes that Facundo Campazzo played with the jersey of the Denver Nuggets in the NBA. For now, always in defeat: two games played, two lost. In his debut ‘for the […]

Former Veracruz prosecutor prosecuted for disappearances returns to practice as a lawyer

For the crime of attempted dispossession of the Rojí de Cerritos gas station, for which the 1681/2020 investigation is being followed in the Orizaba Judicial District, the proceedings continue to clarify the situation of five people. The events were recorded on Monday morning, when the lawyer Ericka “N”, the public broker Andrés “N”, a locksmith […]

Carnival returns to the Gran Teatro Falla in Cádiz

The Carnival couplets have sounded again this Tuesday in the Great Theater Falla thanks to the first of the three galas organized by the Three Wise Men Association and the Cádiz City Council, to benefit the campaign No child without toys. These Carnival couplets are the first to be heard in the Cadiz coliseum since […]

Cultural activity returns to Langreo with music, theater, cinema and painting

Performance of the play “¡Ay, Carmela!”, Which arrives on the 26th at the La Felguera theater. | Ricardo Solis Good news for the cultural world. The Culture area of ​​the Langreo City Council will resume its activity in the municipal facilities this week. “The theaters, houses of culture and exhibition halls of the council will […]

“At some point the trust was gone”

October 7, 2020 at 7:22 pm Interview : “At some point the trust was gone” Boe keeps his former team: Ronny Rogawska in a previous assignment as a trainer at HSG Krefeld. Photo: Jochmann, Dirk (dj) Krefeld Ronny Rogawska, who was promoted to the 2nd division with HSG Krefeld in 2019, is returning to Krefeld. […]

What does billionaire George Soros invest in?

In recent months, the name of George Soros has resonated loudly, accused of being the “Black hand” behind conspiracies and many of the acts of violence in the USA and in the world. Soros’s notoriety did not start now, but goes back a long way. And it has been the terror of many governments. He […]