Health wants to prevent doctors from working outside the province

The pandemic turned various problems that existed prior to the virus white to black. The working conditions of doctors is one of these issues: low wages force them to have several jobs, sometimes in different provinces, and this coming and going increases the risk of contracting coronavirus. The province’s Ministry of Health is looking for […]

Kuwaiti newspaper newspaper Argentina and how to avoid a global financial disaster

Argentina’s current debt holds an average interest rate of 7%, which is seven percentage points higher than the zero interest that Germany paid on its government bonds for 30 years, and nearly six points for the 1.2% interest paid by the US Treasury, and Argentina noted that an interest rate of 7% It will necessarily […]

Festivals are looking for formulas to prevent the return of sold tickets

In the midst of dripping cancellations of major music events of the summer, the festivals have already sent the Ministry of Consumption the request to extend the return period of tickets. They do so, according to the Association of Music Festivals (FMA) of the State, for mutual benefit: to ensure liquidity – the effective return […]

Bolsonaro went out to “sell” a recipe to avoid COVID-19

Jair Bolsonaro, a subscriber to controversies / AP He leaves one problem and gets into another. It seems that the President of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro, is attracted by controversy. And the stronger the better. Apart from being a strong detractor of the confinement measures recommended by Health experts, because in his opinion they bury the […]

Presstalis avoids closure but liquidates its subsidiaries

Friday, May 15, the Paris commercial court ruled: Presstalis messaging, which distributes all of the national daily newspapers and part of the magazines, is placed in receivership with an observation period of two months, but its subsidiaries in region (SAD and Soprocom) are liquidated without further activity. The judges thus accepted the recovery plan proposed […]

They develop a therapy to avoid obesity and gain muscle without exercising

You imagine avoid the obesity and build muscle without having to do exercise? Well, scientists at the University of Washington School of Medicine in St. Louis (United States) claim to have found a new gene therapy that can do it. They have tested it on mice and it works! The folistatina, a protein expressed in […]

How to avoid talking about coronavirus in all conversations | Good Life

Due to the coronavirus crisis, BuenaVida is not in kiosks. Download it free here It seems impossible to talk about anything else. Whether it’s with the family, with a friend in the other part of the world, with the neighbors or the grocer in the market, there is no way that the conversation will escape […]

Five Common Mistakes to Avoid in a Job Video Interview | Good Life

Due to the coronavirus crisis, BuenaVida is not in kiosks. Download it free here The big day has come. You finally have that interview for the job you want so much and it is, by grace (or misfortune) of fate, through a video conference. From your house. You prepare yourself mentally, review your speech and […]

Gijn Circle and ADBA avoid relegation in basketball

The delegate commission of the Spanish Basketball Federation confirmed yesterday the end of the different leagues, in which there will be no relegations, which saves three Asturian teams: Oviedo Basketball, which was second to last in the LEB Gold; the Círculo Gijón, in decline in the LEB Plata; and the ADBA, in the Women’s League […]