British Nuclear Submarine Fires, Top Secret Mission Aborted

loading… HMS Victorious, one of the British Navy’s four strategic submarines was carrying 2 nuclear missiles when a fire broke out on board. Photo/CROWN LONDON – One of the British Navy’s Vanguard class nuclear submarines was forced to abort a “secret mission” after sustaining fire damage. The news was revealed in an article on Sunday […]

North Korea tests missiles Conflict in Asian geopolitics

North Korea tests missiles Conflict in Asian geopolitics North Korea’s latest missile launch is a clear territorial invasion. Although the missile fell outside the territorial waters of South Korea. which we will respond quickly and aggressively this period North Koreatestmissile launchOften, partly because they wanted to countermaneuverJoint United States and South Korea causing the political […]

This is the US missile that destroyed the tank to ashes, 1,500 units were sent to Ukraine

loading… One of the most lethal US-made missiles delivered to Ukraine is the M41A7 TOW. Photo/BulgarianMilitary/Reuters KIEV – Either one missile artificial United States of America The deadliest (US) delivered to Ukraine was the M41A7 TOW. About 1,500 new TOWs will soon arrive to assist the Ukrainian armed forces. The arms shipments appear to be […]

Zelensky, Ukraine is not intimidated, battle will be tougher – Last Hour

(ANSA) – ROME, OCTOBER 10 – “Ukraine cannot be intimidated. But only even more united. Ukraine cannot be stopped. But even more convinced that the terrorists must be neutralized. The occupiers cannot oppose us on the battlefield and that is why they resort to terror. Well, let’s make the battlefield even more painful for the […]

Ukraine: ‘In Zaporizhzhia at least 13 dead, including children’ – Europe

The updated toll from last night’s missile attack on Zaporizhzhia is at least 13 dead and 60 wounded. The regional police reported on Facebook, stating that “among the wounded and dead there are children”. Also according to the police, 9 S-300 and X-22 missiles were fired at the residential districts of the city in southern […]

North Korea fires ballistic missiles again

Corea of Norte shot two missiles balisticos early on Sunday, October 9, according to Japanese authorities. This is Pyongyang’s seventh launch since September 25, which has alarmed both Washington and Tokyo. Both of them missiles they reached a height of 100 kilometers and had a range of 350 kilometers, Japan’s Defense Minister Toshiro Ino told […]