Cambodia Destroys US-Built Naval Base, China Involved?

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Cambodia tore down the largest naval base building built by the United States and immediately relocated it further afield. According to the Cambodian government on Sunday, 4 October 2020, the building that will serve as the tactical headquarters of the Cambodian Navy for 30 meters located in Ream will be expanded and … Read more

Pentagon creates units for the study of “unidentified flying objects”: UFOs | Technology

“AFP PHOTO | US DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE visits The Pentagon announced on Friday the creation of a unit tasked with officially studying unidentified flying objects, or UFOs, that will focus on detecting possible espionage maneuvers led by US adversaries. With the creation of the “Work cell on unidentified aerial phenomena” approved on August 4 and … Read more

Investigate UFO, Pentagon Will Launch New Division

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia – The Pentagon is forming a division to investigate UFOs (Unidentified Flying Object) which was detected by a US military aircraft, said the source from the US defense agency. David Norquist, Deputy Minister of Defense, will oversee the formation of the task force, which is predicted to be announced in the next … Read more

Threatened to become a country that triggers war, the United States creates a new strategy for the sake of Earth security, the Pentagon will eliminate lines on the battlefield – all pages

via US warships Gridhot.ID – The United States is predicted to become a country that will trigger a world war. Some of his actions in state conflicts have made him at the forefront of every war. During most of this year, planners at the Pentagon aka the United States Department of Defense (US) developed … Read more