vaccine sharing is finally accelerating

► Is the Covax mechanism now fully operational? With the delivery of 1.1 million doses of vaccine against Covid-19 to Rwanda on January 15, the global solidarity mechanism Covax has now passed the symbolic bar of one billion doses delivered. Covax had a hard time getting off the ground. This mechanism co-managed by UNICEF, the […]

In the United States, a new version of the wealth tax

It’s a mantra from Joe Biden, looking for money to fund his reforms: “The richest have to pay their fair share. “ To achieve this, the elected Democrats in the US Congress are proposing to introduce a particular form of wealth tax. Their mechanism does not tax the “stock” of heritage but its increase. Including […]

«China is systematically recalibrating the economy» | Markets stocks

share Security that embodies a share in the capital of a stock corporation. It guarantees the owner membership rights (voting and election rights at the general assembly) and property rights (right to a share in profits, participation quota in capital increases or in the liquidation result). All articles on this technical term Börse Regular market […]

LONDON SET: FTSE Closes Down 26.87 Points | RYT9

London stocks closed lower overnight (Sept. 24) amid concerns about a global economic slowdown. which has overshadowed the rise of health care stocks and energy group The FTSE 100 London Stock Exchange closed at 7,051.48, down 26.87, or -0.38%. Concerns about slowing economic growth and increasing inflationary pressures has affected investor confidence In addition, British […]

One World Didn’t Even Have Time to Panic, The World Economy Threatened After Two World Economic Giants went bankrupt, it turned out that the US debt piled up to IDR 400,000 trillion, threatened not to be able to pay it – All Pages – The world has not finished panicking because the world economy is threatened by the chaotic economic conditions in China, now the world’s largest economy is also in danger of collapsing. Quoting, the world’s economic giant, the United States (US) is in debt of more than USD 28 trillion or more than Rp […]

Population in Malta almost completely vaccinated, Bulgaria has 20 percent

at There is great disparity in vaccination rates in EU countries. Front runner is the island nation Malta, there are 90.3 percent of all adults fully vaccinated. Taillight is Bulgaria with only 20 percent. Overall, the countries in the east of the EU do worse. All six states that were below 50 percent on Tuesday […]

The IMF’s ‘SDR’ fund comes into effect.

August 24, 2021 51 The IMF’s ‘SDR’ fund comes into effect. It is the highest allotment in IMF history to boost liquidity globally during the time of COVID-19. still spreading The International Monetary Fund (IMF) announced on Monday (Aug 23) it allocated $650 billion from the IMF’s Special Drawing Rights Fund (SDR), which This is […]