Challenges for Cerrejón: Shareholder bidding and cash flow | Economy

With the restart of activities in the Cerrejón coal complex, after a 91-day strike for the signing of a new collective agreement between the administration and the union, inconveniences at the mine continue to be the order of the day. (Read: Cerrejón workers reach an agreement to lift strike)The pulse among the shareholders who operate […]

An open pit gold mine will begin to produce for the first time in Salta

Governor Gustavo Sáenz’s official explained that it is about “a mine from medium to girl”, which advanced in “the demonstration that the system works”, and now comes the stage of “adjusting all the screws to work at 4,000 meters above sea level, with all the climatic conditions of the Puna”. “They calibrated, started the engine […]

Ferrari Rental: How Much Does It Cost?

1. Rent a Ferrari 488 GTB 2. Ferrari Dolcar rental: check the offer The company founded in 1938 by Enzo Ferrari still creates cars that are synonymous with beauty, luxury and class. The Italian Maranello has released cars that make men and women heart beat faster. Of course, not everyone can afford such a luxury. […]

Divers have found an ancient mine in the submarine caves, hiding a message from the past

American scientists have published a new study in the journal Science News, in which they report about a wonderful archaeological find, which according to them represents the remains of an underground ocher mine from 12,000 years ago. “Underwater caves are like a time-lapse cabin and provide clear evidence of ocher mining thousands of years ago,” […]

Methane explosion at the Budryk mine. There is a reaction of Prime Minister Morawiecki

Budryk Coal Mine (belonging to JSW) is located in Ornontowice (Silesian Voivodeship). The accident happened there after 12 o’clock. “In the Coal Mine Budryk in Ornontowice, methane has ignited and exploded today,” Prime Minister Morawiecki reports on Twitter. The politician also informed that he had already consulted the Silesian voivode Jarosław Wieczorek in this matter. […]

Jade Stone Mine in Myanmar Landslide, 113 People Killed Page all

NAYPYIDAW, – A landslide was reported in the jade mine in Hpakant City, Kachin State, Myanmar, on Thursday (2/7/2020). More than 100 victims died in that location. This disaster is the worst disaster in a year in high-risk industries such as the mine. The landslide was triggered by heavy rain in the Kachin State […]

At least 126 people die in a mine accident in Myanmar

Updated July 2, 2020, 10:24 a.m. Myanmar is one of the world’s largest suppliers of jade stones. Working conditions in the mines are life-threatening in some places, and dramatic accidents are not uncommon. More panorama topics can be found here At least 126 workers have died in a landslide in a jade mine in Myanmar. […]

Myanmar – Over 110 dead in landslide at Jade Mine – News

At least 113 people were killed in a landslide in a jade mine in northern Myanmar on Thursday, according to authorities. At least 23 others were injured. Miners had collected stones in the Jpak-rich area of ​​Hpakant, Kachin State, when they were buried by a mud wave caused by heavy rain. “So far, a total […]

Myanmar, landslide in a jade mine: 113 dead – TGCOM

Myanmar, landslide in a jade mine: 113 TGCOM dead Myanmar: jade mine landslide, 50 dead ANSA New Europe Myanmar: collapse in jade quarry, over 100 dead and dozens of missing Corriere della Sera Landslide at Hpakant jade mine, Myanmar: 50 dead, rush to rescue Rai News survivors Myanmar, landslide in a jade mine: more than […]