“Children’s literature is multiple and lively”

Par Alice Develey Posted 8 minutes ago, Update 1 minute ago Esmé Planchon published last March Stories should never end a well-crafted investigative novel. www.esmeplanchon.com INTERVIEW – The author is invited to the Var Book Festival, which is held in Toulon from Friday 18 to Sunday 20 November. About forty children’s authors are expected during […]

Harry stabbed William cruelly

Harry’s book will undermine the reputation of the British royal family even more than previously expected, and what’s more, according to experts, it may cause such damage to the family that peace will become almost impossible between the parties after the publication of the memoir. Storm clouds are approaching Fans of the British royal family […]

Plans for the Book Fair during the bridge

There are books that leave their mark, as there are also those that are a bridge, with knowledge, travel in all its dimensions, reality, fantasy, history, love or with the simple, and always well received, entertainment, which It’s not little. The metaphorical bridge that the books represent merges and embraces the labor bridge that the […]

Bankruptcy of the largest contracting company in the UAE

Today, Monday, a UAE court decided to declare the bankruptcy of the “Arabtec” holding company and its subsidiaries, and to seize the balances, accounts and funds of the declared bankruptcy company in all banks. According to the newspaper, “Al Khaleej”, the Dubai Court of First Instance decided today to declare the bankruptcy of Arabtec Holding […]

Hippolooween – Hippodrome de reims – France

From November 4th to 6th direction REIMS the capital of champagne.. 3 days of celebration; a tailor-made DJ set; a crazy atmosphere in one place HIPPODROME DE REIMS here is what awaits you at the beginning of November. HIPPOLOOWEEN : 4 NOV – FOOD / DRINK / MUSIC Catering on site: CREPES, BOKITS LA CARIBBEAN […]

Proust, Prix Goncourt by Thierry Laget: the story of a literary riot

CRITIQUE – Low blows, shenanigans, manipulations… we find in this story all the ingredients of the thriller. The title is Proust, Goncourt Prize. But it’s the subtitle that best explains this superb investigation: A literary riot. A quick reminder: before the Goncourt prize awarded to Proust for In the shade of the maidens in bloomon […]

Never put these things in your oven

Tell me – the phrase “you learn something new every day” applies to everyone. Even seasoned home cooks are not exempt from learning a thing or two in the kitchen. For example, only certain things can be stored in your oven drawer. It turns out that a lot of people want to know if it’s […]