Di Maio, we risk a world war of bread – Europe

“The price increase we are witnessing is disturbing, we risk a world war on bread. Next month Italy, in collaboration with the FAO, will support an initiative to tackle the food crisis in the Mediterranean area “, said Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio speaking on the sidelines of the G7 in Germany about the consequences […]

Devices are unbearable – Newspaper Kommersant No. 68 (7269) of 04/19/2022

The Russian market of wearable gadgets showed negative dynamics for the first time. In the first quarter, it decreased by 4% in volume terms. This was the result of a decrease in citizens’ interest in fitness trackers, sales of which fell by 21%. Instead, consumers began to choose more functional smart watches, whose sales, on […]

Foods for Muscle Recovery after Exercise, Help Relieve Muscle Pain

sports illustration. health.levelandclinic.org Merdeka.com – Returning to an exercise routine can have an effect on your muscles. It’s normal to have sore muscles after a hard workout, or when you return to training after a long break from an exercise routine. The muscle pain you feel is a sign that you are pushing the muscle […]

Russia is getting fiercer, after attacking Ukraine now threatens Finland & Sweden

Russia vs Ukraine. Liputan6 © 2022 Merdeka.com Merdeka.com – The war between Russia and Ukraine finally erupted after Russian troops launched an attack on the blue-yellow flag country, Thursday (24/2). The attack was launched by the Red Army after President Putin officially announced Russia’s military operation in Ukraine. One of the main reasons for Russia’s […]

Taiwan: president, if we fall it is a catastrophe for democracy – Asia

BEIJING – The eventual fall of Taiwan at the hands of China would have catastrophic “consequences” for regional peace and the system of democratic alliances. It would signal that in the global context of today’s values, authoritarianism can prevail over democracy “. The president of the island Tsai Ing-wen raises an alarm in the midst […]

Death threat in the “LinX” demo in Leipzig has consequences

Dhe death threat on a banner at the “We are all LinX” demonstration in Leipzig is said to have consequences. The police made video recordings, said state police chief Horst Kretzschmar on Sunday. “We will do everything we can to convict the offenders by evaluating the videos.” During the demonstration, the police did not withdraw […]