ready to win his second league on the pitch

Tomás González-Martín Updated:05/05/2020 01: 57h save Related news Asensio flies. The Majorcan which cost four million Four years ago he wanted to win his second league on the field. The “different” player, the one who always who catches the ball faces the rival to try to haggle, has been particularly benefited by this break in […]

The video of the flying car showing how not to take a roundabout

YE. MADRID Updated:04/17/2020 10: 29h save Related news The way in which you should drive through a roundabout and the different interpretations that each driver makes of the traffic regulations they always generate controversy and debate. But this time the images of this “flying Suzuki” leave no room for doubt: this is precisely how you […]

The three reasons the dollar is going to fly away

The official dollar market is not the relevant one. Its price is not a reference (you can only buy US $ 200 per month and with a 30% tax). The prices that we must observe are those that the government cannot control: MEP dollar and Cash with Liquidation. This is where we will see a […]

The new BMW X6 M50i not only runs, it flies

MEXICO CITY. TOAlthough very few people know it, for us writing about a BMW is like talking about our first love, an intense love, full of passion and innocence, those who feel with all your strength and who make time stop when you are With them, and it is that on the first cover of […]