Tense! The Arab coalition shot down a Houthi ballistic missile targeting Saudi Arabia

ILLUSTRATION. Missiles launched from Yemen towards Saudi Arabia. Houthi War Media / Handout via REUTERS Source: Arab News | Editor: Barratut Taqiyyah Rafie KONTAN.CO.ID – RIYADH. The Arab coalition fighting the Iran-backed Houthi movement in Yemen said Sunday that it had intercepted and dropped a ballistic missile launched on civilian targets in southern Saudi Arabia. […]

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After long back and forth in the grand coalition, the Bundestag decided on the basic pension. But what does it mean for pensioners? The most important points of the law at a glance. The Bundestag has decided on the basic pension. It is intended to “strengthen trust in the basic promise of the welfare state […]

Saudi-led coalition strikes in Yemen :: Politics :: RBC

Sanaa, Yemen (Photo: Yahya Arhab / EPA / TASS) Saudi-led coalition combat aircraft attacked a number of Yemeni provinces. As a result of the attack on the city of Saad, six people were killed, according to Al Masirah. According to the channel, there are children among the dead. Intensive raids were carried out in various […]

Merkel rejects higher taxes to finance Corona aid

Chancellor Angela Merkel underlined the importance of international cooperation between states. (Photo: AP) Berlin Chancellor Angela Merkel has called for further economic relief for the next phase of the corona pandemic. “It has been pointed out that the recovery phase must also be accompanied by economic stimulus programs,” said Merkel on Wednesday after a switch […]

1,000 meters – coalition agrees on green electricity expansion

After a long struggle, the black-red coalition has reached an agreement with the Green electricity expansion came. In doing so, it also came to a regulation regarding the controversial distance between wind turbines. After long negotiations, an agreement has been reached in the black-red coalition on concrete steps for a faster expansion of green electricity. […]

Salvation’s basic pension is still on the brink

The MPs from the CDU and CSU see a number of unanswered questions regarding the new social benefit, which is supposed to improve long-term low-wages in old age. You criticize: In the current form, the basic pension can neither be technically implemented nor paid. In view of the impending budget gaps in the corona crisis, […]

In Spain, the political divisions are breaking open again

Madrid Spain’s politics are divided into friend and foe – and there is nothing in between. Even at the height of the corona crisis, when more than 900 people died from the epidemic in Spain every day, opposition leader Pablo Casado accused the socialist prime minister Pedro Sánchez of incompetence and lies. Despite the harsh […]

A coalition of public banks for sustainable investments

The French Development Agency (AFD) launched on Tuesday April 28 an invitation to all public banks around the world to meet next November in Paris. “Public development banks are 450 financial institutions that represent $ 2 trillion, or 10% of the total investments made each year worldwide, explains Rémy Rioux, director general of AFD. We […]

Thousands of Israelis demonstrate against Netanyahu in Tel Aviv

Protesters in Tel Aviv The protesters in Tel Aviv observe the safety precautions against the corona virus during their protest, they keep a safety distance and wear face masks. (Photo: AFP) Tel Aviv Thousands of Israelis demonstrated against the policies of right-wing Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Tel Aviv on Saturday night after media reports. […]