More jobs and more money in care

The number of employees in clinics was higher than ten years ago: at the end of 2020, a good 486,000 employees in hospitals in Germany were working in nursing. That was 18 percent more than in 2010. Almost half of the employees worked part-time. The number of employees in nursing homes and outpatient care grew […]

Further escalation by Russia conceivable

At the same time, Austin emphasized with a view to the Kremlin boss: “He can end this war today.” Putin chose this war and could decide at any time to stop fighting and withdraw his armed forces from Ukraine. “This is the decision of one man.” When asked whether, in the event of a further […]

US Secretary of State Lloyd Austin for the first time since taking office with his chinesis

US Secretary of Defense speaks with Chinese colleague for the first time. Both spoke about US-China defense relations, regional security issues and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the Pentagon said in Washington on Wednesday. The US government did not initially provide any further details about the content of the conversation. Relations between China and the United […]

US government considers high-level visit to Kyiv

US media had previously reported that the US government was considering possibly sending Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin or Secretary of State Antony Blinken to visit Ukraine. The broadcaster CNN, citing government circles, reported that it was less likely that Biden or his deputy Kamala Harris would travel there themselves. In recent days, several high-ranking European […]

Union calls for emergency program for companies and employees

“Made in Germany will only be successful beyond the crisis with more crisis resilience, more investments and more innovations,” said Kl√∂ckner. She criticized the fact that the traffic light government did not want to present its spring forecast until the end of April. “In a crisis situation like the current one, such processes must be […]

Moscow Stock Exchange resumes trading in all Russian stocks

The stock exchange was closed for weeks after the start of the war on February 24 and only resumed restricted trading last Thursday. Many papers had jumped sharply, which is why the companies were able to make up some of the losses. The shares of Russian companies such as the gas monopoly Gazprom, the oil […]

Consumer advocates for stricter EU rules on lending

Consumer advocates see risks in particular in financing that has not yet been covered by the directive, for example “buy now pay later” offers (buy now, pay later). According to a study by Finance Watch, which surveyed experts from consumer protection organizations in Europe, 43 percent of the offers examined had no credit check and […]

Government draft for Bundeswehr special fund in coordination

The loans are to be exempted from the debt brake. The “Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung” also reported on this The loans are to be exempted from the debt brake. The “Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung” also reported on this (Wednesday). With a second law, the special fund should then actually be created. “Expenditure for complex, multi-year measures to […]

Economy, trade & finance: Russia also blocks Twitter

The US corporations had previously been fined several times for not deleting information critical of the Kremlin at the request of the authorities in Moscow. Facebook criticized the shutdown in Russia. Millions of people would be cut off from reliable information, said Facebook manager Nich Cegg on Twitter. They are also deprived of the opportunity […]