Fire disaster in China | Skyscrapers on fire! – News abroad

Quelle: ViralPress 00:47 17.09.2022 Flames covering almost the entire facade: This high-rise building in the province of Hunan in China caught fire on Friday. The Chinese Telekom building has 42 floors. Thick clouds of black smoke in the air, dozens of people are said to have fled the building beforehand. The cause of the fire […]

Cologne: That’s what the city says about a DEVK move to Bergisch Gladbach

Bergisch Gladbach – At the large neighbor of Bergisch Gladbach, Cologne, there is currently a fierce struggle over the expansion plans of the DEVK insurance company. Some say gambled. The insurance company wants and plans a skyscraper, 145 meters high, with an investment volume of 750 million. but the city of Cologne is alienated from […]

Hamburg: Left see the law firm at the Elbtower in a conflict of interest

Hamburg Hamburg’s skyscrapers Left see law firm at Elbtower in conflict of interest Stand: 04.07.2022 | Reading time: 2 minutes Several law firms have been dealing with the planned Elbtower for a long time Quelle: picture alliance/dpa The planned Elbtower in Hamburg will one day be the third tallest skyscraper in Germany – a mega […]

Pig farming in China: From XXL high-rise buildings to backyards

It is estimated that the pig population will have fallen by almost a third in 2020. The scientist dr. Mindi Schneider, Wageningen University, assumes that many responsible people in China, but also international exporters, see the animal disease as an opportunity and have seen it. For example, export margins to China rose sharply for a […]

The skyline is growing: new skyscrapers for Frankfurt | Regional

Frankfurt – This skyline fascinates tourists and locals alike. Frankfurt is the only German city to offer a concentrated load of high-rise towers. They are coveted as a photo motif, but do not grow into the sky indiscriminately according to investor ideas. For more than 20 years, the city’s high-rise master plan has defined locations […]

Climbers scale 153 meter skyscrapers in Frankfurt

WITHTwo men climbed unsecured on the facade of the Frankfurt skyscraper “Skyper”. On Saturday morning, they reached the roof one after the other within 40 minutes and were temporarily arrested by a patrol, the police said. Because climbing the 153-meter-high office tower is illegal, the men are threatened with trespassing. Previously, “” had reported from […]

Germany’s most expensive building: high-rise sold for 1.4 billion | Regional

Frankfurt – What will soon be the third tallest building in Germany is now the most profitable in the country: Allianz and the Bavarian Supply Chamber bought the “T1” high-rise in the “Four Quartiers” in Frankfurt for 1.4 billion euros – no building has ever changed hands for more money (Source: “DOES”). Close by: The […]

Do you know Villeurbanne well? # 10

– From 80 to 100%: Bravo! You know nothing about the associations present in Villeurbanne and you have been able to thwart all the humorous traps. You deserve the respect of all Internet users.– From 40 to 70%: Good, but could do better. Granted, there were a few pitfalls, so you are forgiven. We hope […]

Kitchen splashback glass motif Aerial View of San Francisco Skyline at Sunset

To get the most perfect end result, we recommend that you measure the width and height of your back wall at different points. Always take the smallest measurement and subtract 4 mm. Dimensions tailor-made according to mm Min. Dimension plate 20 cm x 20 cm Max. Dimension plate 160 cm x 120 cm Material tempered […]