Will heat tariffs change for Ukrainians: Shmyhal made a confession

Reading time: 45 seconds This information was reported by the telegram channel “News of the War”, reports “URA-Inform”. This decision, based on taking into account the social component and economic realities, is aimed at ensuring the sustainability of the financial burden on citizens and maintaining comfortable heating conditions during the cold season. Simultaneously with this, […]

Ukrainian Drone Attack Causes Damage to Russian Tanker in Kerch Strait

The Marine Rescue Coordination Center (MSCC) of the city of Novorossianin Crimea, has confirmed early this Saturday that the SIG oil tanker has suffered damage after being the target of a drone attack by Ukrainian forces. “We can say that the tanker was damaged (…) The crew is safe, they were not injured. The Maritime […]

78% of Ukrainians have a relative who was killed or injured in the war

78% of Ukrainian citizens have a relative who was killed or wounded in the war. A study conducted by the Kyiv International Institute of Sociology in all regions of Ukraine showed such results. 63% of respondents said that a close relative or friend died in the war. They said that they knew at least three […]

Ukrainians are waiting for another tariff increase from July 1: what is known

Reading time: 39 seconds This information was reported NCRECU, conveys “URA-Inform». Any increase in services is usually received without enthusiasm. However, the Vodokanals are calling on the NCRC to allow them to raise tariffs by at least 33% as early as July 1. It is possible that now, after almost doubling the price of electricity, […]

Ukrainians have no truce with war and flood

In the midst of a gruesome panorama that raised the humanitarian crisis caused by the war to dramatic levels, hundreds of Ukrainians continued to flee their flooded houses yesterday, while the waters rose in a strip of the south of the country, after the destruction of a large hydroelectric dam in the front line between […]

Survey: 75% Ukrainians plan to improve their qualifications in Poland

75 percent Ukrainians working in Poland in low-skilled positions, but having high qualifications at home, plan to raise them in Poland to earn more, according to Gremi Personal data. As the experts of the analytical center of the international employment agency Gremi Personal note, diplomas and professional certificates of qualified employees from the East, although […]

“Ternopil Bombed During Eurovision Performance by Ukraine’s Representatives”

Ternopil, the hometown of Ukraine’s Eurovision representatives, was hit this Saturday night by several Russian missiles before the group went on stage in Liverpool, according to first reports, cited by the BBC. A military officer from the region, Volodymyr Trush, has confirmed that two people have been injured. Ten minutes before performing at the European […]