Venezuela – Question & Answer – Excerpt from the press release (09.01.20)

P: Does France still consider Juan Guaidó the legitimate president of Venezuela? What is your position regarding what happened on January 5 in the Venezuelan parliament? R: France celebrates the re-election of Juan Guaidó as president of the National Assembly of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela on January 5. Consequently, for France, he remains the […]

The mosque terrorist in New Zealand sentenced to life

The case is being updated. Tarrant was sentenced to the most severe sentence in 29 years, and this is the first time this has happened in New Zealand Tarrant refused to defend himself during the four-day trial on sentencing, which ended on Thursday. In March, he pleaded guilty to the charge, which includes 51 murders […]

Donald Trump – Dreaming of Mount Rushmore: – Great idea

NEW YORK (Dagbladet): Trump’s White House staffers last year contacted the governor of South Dakota, Kristi Noem, to investigate the process of adding a president to Mount Rushmore, reports CNN and the New York Times. Trump himself does not claim it is true, but does not hide that he thinks he deserves a place. – […]

The Beirut explosion – – Has everything to gain from apportioning blame

Four days have passed since the huge explosion went off at the port of Lebanon’s capital Beirut, an explosion that left large parts of the city in rubble. According to the latest official figures on Saturday, the disaster has so far cost at least 154 lives, while another 5,000-6,000 are said to have been injured […]

Senate approves government to buy medicines abroad

With 56 votes in favor, 35 against and an abstention, the plenary session of Senate, in extraordinary session and with exemption from all the procedures, in less than three hours, since he arrived from the Chamber of Deputies , approved the reform to the Law of Acquisitions, Leases and Services of the Public Sector, that […]

USA – 2000 corona deaths in one day

For the first time in three months, the United States has recorded more than 2,000 corona-related deaths in one day, according to figures from Johns Hopkins University. In the last 24 hours, 2,060 deaths and 58,000 new cases of infection were reported, according to an overview on Friday night. The last time the United States […]

Joe Biden – Strikes attention with statement

Presidential candidate Joe Biden is attracting attention with a statement he made when he recently spoke at a joint conference of the Association of Colored Journalists and the Association of Spanish-speaking Journalists in the United States. In the interview, which is mentioned by Breitbart and Newsweek, among others, Biden says that the Latin community in […]