Climate: Irish citizens against the state

Landmarks Who is attacking the Irish government? The Friends of the Environment (FIE), an Irish association, takes the court to protest against the government’s climate policy, which they judge low and unambitious. They are now supported by nearly 20,000 people who have asked for the case to be defended. in their name. Why ? Ireland […]

Sinn Féin’s Historic Rise Removes Irish Political Dash | International

One of Sinn Fein’s candidates Denise Mitchell celebrates the results in Dublin. On video, statements by the party leader. AP: Niall Carson The victories and defeats of the Irish elections on Saturday are going to force all the parties to rethink their positions and, surely, to swallow more than one toad. The two major parties, […]

Irish Prime Minister rejoins his medical post to fight Covid-19 | Global World Blog

Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar, a medical graduate, will work for the public health service once a week during the new coronavirus epidemic, a government spokesman announced Sunday. Varadkar will offer “its services to the health service, once a week, within its sphere of activity,” the spokesperson said. According to the newspaper The Irish Times, […]