British doctors named products that lower blood sugar levels

Great Britain, Aug 18, 2020 /LIVE24/. Experts from the British Diabetes UK talked about how to use simple products to lower the risk of developing type II diabetes. According to Medikforum, experts named cinnamon as the main “sugar-reducing”. This is because it is she who is able to add sweetness to food. “Cinnamon can lower […]

Eight simple exercises to train neurons

Si want to enjoy for a healthy life, we need an active brain. Turning years means losing some faculties. As we get older it becomes difficult for us to memorize phone numbers and sometimes we resist that precise word we want to say. Memory, attention and the ability to focus or express ourselves are some […]

Meditation, a simple and fast way to reduce stress

Meditation can be practiced anywhere: during a walk, in the bus, when a medical shift is expected, or even in the middle of a difficult business meeting. To understand meditation Meditation has been practiced for thousands of years. Originally the purpose of meditation was to help deepen understanding of the sacred and mystical forces in […]

The easiest and most effective exercise to combat anxiety

Anxiety is one of the most common mental disorders among the Spanish population. Almost all of us have suffered or will suffer an episode in the coming years. The stress generated by everyday life, now increased by the exceptional situation we entered after the coronavirus pandemic, it continues to affect many adult people in our […]

The doctors called another complication coronavirus: a third of patients

Of all types of delirium – a mental illness that is accompanied by dizziness and hallucinations that we are most familiar with the delirium tremens aka “delirium tremens”. This diagnosis comrade Caax put featured in the film “Caucasian captive”. But delirium is not always occurs in alcoholic soil. Recently revealed that approximately 20-30% of cases […]

The simple story of “Vera” shows in Tribeca the power of detail

The simple but incisive story of “Vera”, a night-shift office cleaner who develops a close emotional bond with the occupant of an office, despite never having met him, arrives at the Tribeca Film Festival to highlight the power they have the little details to enrich our lives. «Our ability to focus on the smallest details, […]

Discover a simple way to lose weight without having to exercise

Surely you have heard it on several occasions: sitting too long (sedentary life) greatly influences your health and can increase the risk of Heart problems, diabetes type 2, depression, back pain and a long etcetera of pathologies. By that same rule of three, it would make sense to think that being up longer would counteract […]

Shown LADA 4×4 with a chic body kit

That’s what will happen if the tuners take up the development of the Niva. This year, the world is clearly crazy about retro SUVs. Only recently, the British Land Rover introduced Defender with cutting-edge technology wrapped in a vintage shell. Now is the time for Niva. The network showed LADA 4×4 with a chic body […]

Does anxiety overcome you? Practice this simple meditation exercise 15 minutes a day

The difficulty of the times that we have had to live since the coronavirus pandemic entered our lives, forcing us to confine ourselves, causes many to appear more mental pathologies that before the closure came, they were frequent. It is very likely that episodes of stress or anxiety have increased among the population, which poses […]