Trump shakes hands during coronavirus press conference

The President of the United States shook several hands at the White House on Friday, in the midst of announcements of measures against the coronavirus. Lsocial distancing? Very little for him. Going against the recommendations of most health agencies around the world, Donald Trump shook several hands at the White House on Friday, in the […]

They rescue the letters that Vicente Aleixandre sent to Gregorio Prieto over 50 years

For almost half el poet and Nobel Prize for Literature Vicente Aleixandre (1898-1984) wrote some very sincere and emotional letters to Gregorio Prieto, the painter who perhaps best portrayed the Generation of 27. Now some tens of these missives come to light in a compilation prepared by the journalist and writer Víctor Fernández and that […]

Events in Black Life in Schools Boston

The Black Lives Matter initiative in Boston Public Schools gave an angry response from the city’s police union leader, but the teachers’ union stands firmly with the support of the mayor’s office and others. Michael Leary, President of the Boston Police Patrol Society, launched a letter on Monday Boston Teachers Union Monday asking the group […]