The workshops associated with Aedine offer payment facilities for their repairs

A. N. MADRID Updated:05/07/2020 01:42 save Related news Aware of the economic difficulties that this de-escalation will present for many drivers who own a vehicle, and foreseeing that this immobilization during confinement will cause car failures and breakdowns with the consequent and necessary visit to the workshop, ADINE in collaboration with SeQura will offer flexible […]

Why Skoda Octavia is the best choice of the “secondary”

The combination of price and quality that justifies the investment. Skoda Octavia is considered the most massive and popular model of the brand. For all the time, the Czech company sold 7 million copies, which were distributed throughout Europe and the world. The Czechs managed to achieve such successes thanks to cooperation with the German […]

Costco will give priority access to health employees – Telemundo San Diego (20)

SAN DIEGO – The Costco company announced that it will provide priority access to employees belonging to the health sector, during the COVID-19 pandemic. Doctors, nurses, first aid teams, firefighters, and police will now be able to avoid the long lines to enter the facility. The only thing they must present is their Costco credential […]

the decision to postpone the Olympics 2020 has already been made – Meduza

The 2020 Olympics will be delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic, Richard Pound, a member of the International Olympic Committee, told USA Today. “Based on the information available to the IOC, the decision to transfer [уже] accepted. Details have not yet been determined, but as far as I know, the Games will not start on […]