Army exhausted: Russia sends prisoners to war against Ukraine- Ukraine war

KYIV: Ukraine’s military says Russia is using prisoners of war to fight against Ukraine. Ukraine’s military also said that untrained people are being recruited to fight. 53 Brigade Major Serji said that Russia is sending a number of men with guns ahead of them. They can only hold on for a few minutes. Russia sends […]

Russia Runs Out of Arms in Ukraine, Its Army Is Exhausted

LONDON, – The head of British spying or GCHG, Sir Jeremy Fleming, says that Russia is running out of weapons in the war in Ukraine. He also claimed, Russia was shocked in terms of the number of soldiers killed as well as the loss of equipment. Sir Jeremy Fleming is set to make a […]

Russia changes strategy after Western arms supplies continue to enter Ukraine

MOSCOW, – Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov on Wednesday (20/7/2022) said the continued supply of Western weapons to Ukraine changed the Kremlin’s calculations. He explained that Russia’s military objectives in Ukraine are now no longer focused solely on the east. “The geography is different now. This is not only about DNR and LNR, but […]

Russian tank caught fire in Ukraine attack: Video – Ukraine War

Kyiv ∙ The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine said that 9 more Russian tanks were destroyed by airstrikes. She also shared a video of the attack on Twitter. Ukraine also claimed that the number of destroyed Russian tanks would soon reach 2,000. The airstrike was directed at another tank which was running through the wrecked […]

Indonesia confirms it will invite Ukrainian leaders to attend G20 meeting in November

Indonesia has confirmed to invite the leader of “Ukraine” to the G20 summit that Indonesia will host this November, despite refusing to supply weapons to aid in the war with Russia. #PPTVStories Follow more news on the website. and social media channels facebook : twitter : instagram : pptvhd36/


UN secretary-general Arrived in Kiev, Ukraine. to discuss this crisis situation The situation in Ukraine People are still stranded in the Azovstol steel plant. Mariupol City #Ukraine Russia #Ukraine #Russia #around the worldEXPRESS #PPTVHD36 #Channel 36 Follow more news on the website. and social media channels facebook : twitter : instagram : […]

Biden signs massive aid to Ukraine | Around the world EXPRESS : PPTVHD36

Ukraine’s President Zelensky attends the US Congress Say thanks to the US for helping. and asked the United States to increase sanctions on Russia A few hours later through President Biden also announced a new Ukrainian aid package Including the use of the term President Putin of Russia. “War criminals” for the first time #Ukraine-Russia […]