Museum or mosque? Turkey decides on the future of Hagia Sophia

Turkey’s highest court rules on the conversion of the former Hagia Sophia into a mosque this Thursday, July 2, a decision that President Recep Tayyip Erdogan calls for, at the risk of creating tension with several countries . A major architectural work built in the 6th century by the Byzantines who crowned their emperors there, […]

judge lifts ban on book written by Trump’s niece

New York appeal court judge lifted late Wednesday night temporary ban on book written by US President Donald Trump’s niece containing potentially explosive revelations three months before presidential election . According to court documents, this decision allows publisher Simon & Schuster to print and distribute the 240-page book by Mary Trump, which is due out […]

Richmond, former capital of the Confederates, will remove monuments in their memory

The mayor of Richmond has decided to immediately withdraw many statues considered by their detractors to be symbols of the country’s racist heritage. By Le Figaro with AFP The statue of General Stonewall Jackson, removed from its pedestal on July 1, 2020. JULIA RENDLEMAN / REUTERS The city of Richmond, Virginia, will remove the monuments […]

“Israel, the choice of a destiny”

The editorial of Figaro by Philippe Gélie. Philippe Gélie. Figaro No need for cynicism to see that, since 1967, Israel has annexed East Jerusalem and the Golan Heights without bringing about the end of the world. For the past three years, Donald Trump has broken with the rest of the international community to validate these […]

police intervene in Seattle “autonomous zone”

At least 13 people were arrested. By Le Figaro with AFP Police began Wednesday to deploy to a neighborhood in the American city of Seattle transformed into a “autonomous areaBy demonstrators protesting against abuses by the police. At least 13 people were arrested but no excess of violence is to be deplored, said Carmen Best, […]

EU authorizes travelers from 15 countries, excluding the United States

This July 1 marks the reopening of the European borders, closed since March 17. But not for everyone. After difficult negotiations, the European Union established Tuesday, June 30, a list of countries, based “in particular»On epidemiological criteria, authorizing the nationals of these fifteen countries to tread the European continent. Travelers from Algeria, Australia, Canada, Georgia, […]

The European Union will summon the Ambassador of Venezuela “today”

The European Union will convene “just today“The Venezuelan ambassador to the European institutions, European diplomacy spokeswoman Virginie Battu-Henriksson said Tuesday after the expulsion of the EU ambassador to Caracas. «We are going to summon the ambassador of Nicolás Maduro to the European institutions today and from there we can see what measures could follow“Said Ms. […]

the king expresses for the first time “regrets” for the colonial past in the DRC

King Philippe addressed his apologies to the President of the DRC on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the country’s independence. By Le Figaro with AFP King Philippe presented this Tuesday, June 30, for the first time in the history of Belgium, “his deepest regrets for the injuries»Inflicted during the Belgian colonial period in […]

investigation into 30,000 suspects in a pedophilia case

German justice announced last June 25 that it was investigating some 30,000 people suspected of being involved in a large pedophilia case in the west of the country. «We want to get out of the anonymity of the internet the authors who abuse children and those who support them“Peter Biesenbach, the Minister of Justice for […]

a QR code to screen tourists in Greece

Tourists coming to Greece from July 1 will have to complete an online questionnaire 48 hours in advance and will receive a QR code which will determine if they should be screened upon arrival. The Greek government has thus put an end to the random screening tests for travelers according to their country of origin, […]